Are Lifeguards stationed at the swimming pool during the summer?

Due to the liability risk and expense of Liability Insurance, lifeguards are not provided.

Does the Homeowners Association provide security for the neighborhood?

Off-duty City of Midland Police Officers patrol the neighborhood on a limited and random basis.  Residents may also call 685-7108 to report any problem to the Police Department.  An officer will respond immediately.

How can I file a complaint?

You may contact the HOA office by calling 432.972.2303 ext 3194 and leaving a message or send an email to .  Also, a suggestion/grievance form is located in your directory.  You can complete the form and put it in the black mailbox located near the front door of the Clubhouse.  All complaints are kept confidential.

Is Grassland West a part of Grassland Estates?

Grassland West is a separate housing development with their own Homeowner’s Association.  They are not a part of Grassland Estates.  Their residents do not pay dues to Grassland Estates, nor do they use our facilities.

Who can rent the Clubhouse and Pool area?

Only Grassland Residents, as members of Grassland Homeowners Association, can rent the Clubhouse and Pool area.  Please refer to the Clubhouse and Pool section of the Web Page for the rules and regulations.