The clubhouse is available for rent by residents only. Please contact the office in advance for availability. When reserving the clubhouse, please refer to the following rules and responsibilities.  Please note that you must be up to date on all dues in order to use the clubhouse and or pool.

When reserving the Grassland Estates Clubhouse for a private party, you are responsible for:


a) The Grassland Estates Homeowner's Association Member (the 'Member') reserving the Clubhouse will be required to issue two checks; one for $125 cleanup fee and a second for $150 security deposit, payable to Grassland Estates Homeowner's Association, at the time the key is picked up. For all Christmas party reservations you are required to pay your $125 non-refundable cleanup fee within 5 working days of the date you make the reservation. The check-in may be done anytime within 24 hours of the scheduled function unless the Clubhouse is reserved the previous day then the key may be picked up after 1:00 p.m.

b) The Member reserving the Clubhouse must be in attendance and is responsible for the conduct of those attending their party and for any damage to the Clubhouse during their use. Any damage or missing items will be repaired/replaced and the cost will be deducted from the $150 security deposit. Any damage to the Clubhouse at a cost exceeding the security deposit will be billed to the Member reserving the Clubhouse, payment due upon receipt of the bill. Non-payment for repairs and/or replacements, beyond the security deposit, will be referred to the Board of Directors for immediate action and privileges will be suspended.

c) The key should be returned as soon as possible following the function. If the key is not returned by noon the day following the use your security check will be cashed, $75 will be applied to the replacement of the key and changing locks, and the balance will be held until claimed by the Member who checked out the key.

2) An inventory list will be used when reserving the Clubhouse to account for all Clubhouse property and its physical condition.

3) The Clubhouse will not be reserved for any Member under 21 years of age. A minimum of one adult Member must be in attendance at all times during any function. Functions for individuals 20 years or younger will require more chaperones.

The Clubhouse is not an adequate facility for functions that will have more than a few children in attendance. The Facility Manager has the right to reject a booking if there will be children present.

4) Consumption of alcoholic beverages on Clubhouse property is restricted to persons of legal drinking age, as prescribed by the laws of the State of Texas.

5) All functions held in the Clubhouse must end by midnight. The grounds and pool lighting will automatically go off at midnight.

6) Clean up and securing the Clubhouse:

a) Clean up from the party must be done the day of the party.

b) Return all furniture to original arrangement.

c) Remove all perishable items (food, etc.) and empty trash cans.

d) Lock all windows and doors.

e) Turn off all inside lights and driveway lights.

f) Set thermostats, 80 degrees summer and 65 degrees winter.

7) The Clubhouse is not equipped with can openers, bottle openers, hot pads, utensils, etc. You must provide your own.

8) No Smoking is permitted within the Clubhouse!

9) No swimsuits allowed in the meeting rooms of the Clubhouse. Rental of the pool area is not included with the rental of the Clubhouse.

10) No candles allowed in Clubhouse.

11) B-B-Q equipment is only allowed by approval and in a designated area.

12) No music outside Clubhouse.

13) Limit of 100 people for any Clubhouse party.