ARC – Architectural Review Committee

1. Authority of the ARC: The ARC has the exclusive right to determine if proposed structures or modifications adhere to the covenants, conditions, and restrictions. They also ensure the structures are in line with the existing designs and the overall development plan for the area.

2. Approval or Veto Rights: The ARC has the authority to approve or veto any architectural, engineering, platting, planning, and landscaping elements of any improvement on a property.

3. Harmony with Overall Plan: The ARC ensures that any development is consistent with the overall design and development plan of the properties.

4. Local Government Control: All construction and development are subject to the regulations of the local government.

5. Stricter Standards: The ARC may, in its sole discretion impose design and development standards that are stricter than those set by local building, zoning, or other governmental codes.

6. Special Conditions: The ARC can set certain conditions for approval, including, without limitation, a deadline by which the proposed developments must be completed.