To ensure the safety of all pool users during stormy weather:

1. Lightning Proximity: If lightning is detected within 10 miles of the pool, all individuals must exit the pool area immediately and seek shelter. Use of the pool is prohibited during this time.

2. 30-Minute Rule: After the last lightning strike within 10 miles, a 30-minute waiting period is enforced before anyone can re-enter the water. 

3. Reopening the Pool: The pool will only be reopened once the lightning has moved beyond a 10-mile radius. If a storm appears to be short-lived, we may decide to wait it out. Otherwise, the pool may be closed completely for the day.

4. Self-Monitoring: Morning swimmers are responsible for monitoring weather conditions themselves. Avoid swimming if there are storms within a 10-mile radius.

5. Weather Checks: Before heading to the pool, please check the local weather. Our primary concern is not rain, but lightning. Even indirect storms with lightning within the 10-mile radius will result in pool closure.

6. Equipment: For your safety, we utilize a lightning meter to monitor storm conditions.

Your safety is our top priority. We appreciate your understanding and compliance with this policy.