Inclement Weather

lightning1 In the event of storms building in the area, our policy is to get everyone out when lightning is within 10 miles of the pool.  We will ask you to please leave the pool area so you can seek shelter.  The rule is that no one can enter the water again until 30 mins after the last lightning strike within 10 miles.  The pool will reopen when the lightning is more than 10 miles away.

We are equipped with a lightning meter that we will monitor closely during the time of the storm. We will then decide if we will close the pool completely or if we will just wait it out. That will only happen if it is a small, fast moving storm.

Please check the weather before loading up and heading to the pool.  It is not rain that we want to protect you from, but the lightning.  Even if the storm does not hit us directly, if it is within that 10 mile radius and it includes lightning, we will not allow you in the pool.

Thank you for understanding that we have your safety in mind as we enforce this rule. 

Residents who come to morning swim are to monitor the weather yourself. Please do not swim if there are storms within the 10 mile radius.